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Title: Alphabits: Daughter
Fandom: Dark Angel
Characters: Max, Alec
Word Count: 616
Written for: nickeldime17's alphabet challenge for Max and Alec lovers.

Alec was against the meet from the start and wasted no time in telling her so.

“It’s a stupid idea.”

“I’m going.” Max didn’t even look at him when she said it, continuing to stuff clothes and money into a bag. As always, she didn’t give a second thought to bringing a weapon, relying on her superior strength and hand-to-hand skills, despite months of fighting equally matched Familiars and even the odd renegade transgenic.

Alec grabbed her wrist, pulling her so close that their noses touched and she had to stare into his hard, hazel eyes. “You’re not.”

“She might be my mother!” Max shouted, yanking her wrist free and following it up with a sweep of her leg that Alec jumped to avoid.

“She might have given birth to you,” Alec roared back. “It’s not the same thing. She was just a convenient, well-paid womb. She’s not going to just open her arms to you and make everything A-OK. ‘Sorry for dropping you off at Manticore, honey,’” he mocked. “‘Why don’t I just make you some chocolate-chip cookies?’”

He grabbed her arms, driving her back. She fought at first before giving in, using the momentum to send him flying into the brick wall instead of her.

“You don’t understand. You can’t understand.”

The look Alec gave her begged to differ. She wiped it off his face with three punches, the first two fake outs that he anticipated, the last one glancing off his gut, strong enough to wind him.

He didn’t stay down long, though, meeting her next lunge with a side step, sending her into the wall.

“I understand too well. You’re obsessed with family. You have this picture in your head of ‘brothers’ who aren’t in fucking love with you or a ‘mother’ who wouldn’t be outside the gates screaming and burning effigies with the rest of them ordinaries and life’s not like that, Max. Our lives even less.”

She kicked out, trying to wipe him off his feet. Alec jumped in time, but Max didn’t let up and both of them had to throw all their concentration into keeping the other from gaining the upper hand.

When it did finally end, an indeterminable time later and without any clear signal from either of them to show they were finished, the fight was a draw. Panting slightly, Max glared at Alec as she got off the ground, carefully putting weight on her right leg until she was satisfied that he hadn’t given her a limp.

“I’m still going,” she said, daring him to start the fight again.

Alec rotated his arm carefully in the shoulder blade, making sure everything was still working properly.

“I know,” he said, still looking furious about the matter. But he packed two guns into her bag and came along with her anyway.

When they got to the meeting place, he was almost as on edge as Max was, although he hid it better. Only because she knew him so well could Max see just how tensely he held his shoulders or how close he kept his hand to his holster, ready to draw with only a split second’s notice. His eyes scanned the area continuously.

“I still think you’re crazy for coming here,” he said. Oddly enough, that didn’t make her tense any further, though it should have had her ready to fight again.

“You’re the one that came with me,” she retorted.

“Yeah, well,” Alec said vaguely, unable to vocalize why he had to tag along.

It was okay, though. Max didn’t need to hear the words, didn’t need to hear his rationalizations. He was here and that was what counted.

She expected nothing less.
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