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Title: Alphabits: Girl
Fandom: Dark Angel
Characters: Max, Alec, Logan
Word Count: 1066
Written for: nickeldime17's alphabet challenge for Max and Alec lovers.

Alec woke up with a pair of tits on his chest. While that itself wasn‘t entirely too unusual, the fact that the tits in question were attached to his chest and not some blonde he’d taken home, was.


That was funny. He didn’t think went to sleep at Manticore, not that even Manticore was this twisted.

He stumbled out of bed, his usual grace gone along with his usual leg length.

There were no mirrors in that room, so Alec had to go to the bathroom to confirm his suspicion.

Max’s face was staring back at him.

“Fuck,” he said in her voice.


Max was a night model, which meant she needed only an hour’s sleep each night to still be in peak condition. That was a good thing, as the coffee Alec had brewed to pass the time tasted like shit. He made a note to get some better stuff for her apartment.

Not that he was planning on doing this again.

“Morning, boo.” O.C. yawned and stretched, making her way towards the bathroom and wearing even less than she did when she went out clubbing or trying to pick up honeys.

Alec was beginning to see the potentials of this body.


Max’s pager beeped a familiar number. By the time he’d found a payphone a few blocks away, the number had flashed four more times. It was just starting to beep again when he phoned back.

“Hey,” he said casually. “It’s me, hitting you back.”

“What did you do?” The voice was only just recognizable as his normal one, partially because it was coming across a bad phone line but mostly because the cadence and accusatory tone was pure Max.

Alec relaxed, slightly. At least if he was tripping, he wasn’t alone in his delusion.

“Should that be my line to you?” he quipped, mostly because Max wasn’t there in person to smack him.


Alec could only hope that he didn’t whine like that when he was himself.

“I didn’t do anything,” he said, more seriously now.

“Then how?” Max asked.

“I don’t know. Look, I’ll come over and we’ll figure this bitch out,” he said, before hanging up and cutting off any further protests and accusations Max might have lobbed his way.

He then realized the second benefit to being in this body, and went to find the keys to Max’s Ninja.


Logan made them repeat the story for a fourth time. Alec knew he shouldn’t expect humans to be as quick on the uptake as transgenics, but this was a little much even for someone who didn’t have genetically modified reaction times and who hadn’t been raised to react to rapidly changing scenarios as his life depended on it.

“You’re... Max,” he said, looking at Alec’s body with something approaching fear.

“Yes.” Alec’s voice was clipped and impatient and Alec was just happy the lovey-dovey constipated expression was finally gone from Logan’s face.

“How?” Logan asked.

“That’s what you’re here to find out.” He went to pat Logan on the chest and stopped when he remembered. Logan and Max stopped when they remembered, too.

“This is awkward,” Alec said. It earned him twin glares, but at least it kept them from looking at each other.


Logan was doing his Eyes Only, evil-doers beware thing, so Alec was at Crash. Max was there, too, because she didn’t want to be alone with Logan when she actually was able to touch the guy without him dying because they’re not like that.

Alec recognized a lot of people at the bar, but it wasn’t the usual set who nodded in acknowledgement or gave him the appreciative once over. There was some overlap: OC knew, but she still tried to act natural and offered her Boo a smile; Sketchy didn’t, but waved enthusiastically anyway. Alec was more interested in doe-eyed brunette who walked into the bar halfway through his first drink, long admired but only recently broken up with her boyfriend and now on the rebound. She greeted Alec with a wink and a smirk that he was only too happy to return.

He pulled his gaze away from Varuni when Max slammed her beer down on the table, extra hard. She was drinking the cheap stuff because she wasn’t a good sport. Alec was drinking the cheap stuff because he was.

“Stop it,” she said.

“You know, I’m fine you and Logan taking advantage of this opportunity if you’re fine with me taking advantage of this opportunity,” Alec said.

Alec expected the punch to the shoulder since Max and Logan weren’t like that but this was exactly what he and Max were like.


It would go away on its own. The explanation was longer, so that Logan could impress Max with his amazing research skills, but that was the gist of it.

“Two or three days. Tops. Then you’ll be yourselves again,” Logan swore up and down.

“Two days!” Max whined.

“Or three,” Alec reminded her. She punched him in the shoulder and Logan looked a lot more pained at the action than he usually did. But it was hard not to when his usual reaction was smug bastard.

“If touching that mask made us this way in the first place, it can change us back again,” Max said even though none of Logan’s research even hinted that might work.

“Or make the change permanent,” countered Alec, just because he could.

Max glared. “Are you coming or what?”

Alec grabbed her leather jacket--tighter than he was used to but worth it for the way it made his tits look--and they bounced.


Alec woke up and the tits were gone. He smiled and stretched and froze.

He tried the stretch again. His arms extended nicely, hitting a headboard that couldn’t be Max’s since it was more solid than her bars, and couldn’t be his, because his bed didn’t have one in the first place. His toes refused to curl properly—or at all. On further reflection, he realized that it wasn’t just his toes that wouldn’t follow his commands, but everything below his waist.

He fumbled around on what appeared to be a nightstand, since his vision was even blurrier than it had been that time Manticore studied the effects of toxoplasmosis.

When he found the glasses, a good look at his body confirmed his suspicions.

“Oh, come on!” he groaned in Logan’s voice.



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