Title: The Gardens
Characters: Lily, Sirius, James
Word Count 615
Author's Notes: Written for [profile] daily15 in which I did no planning and no reading over and no editing. A true 15 minute word ficlet. Okay, 16 minutes, when you get right down to it. For their word 402 ).

'I leave you two alone for fifteen minutes and look at this place!' )
I actually feel like revising my stories for once in my life, except I'm at my parents house and therefore do not have the correct computer files. Yes, I know you're supposed to wait and not simply post the first thing that pops into your mind. On the other hand, this is a 15 minute ficlet (for last week's word, because I got confused) and therefore is perfect for quick, un-sunken-in-ness writing. Cut for massive spoilers. The speculation, if you haven't seen it already, will not be new to you for long...

This has been made into a drabble, as well, for [profile] hp100. You can find the shorter version here

Spoilerriffic - Read the Half-Blood Prince first! )
Title: Dumb
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Character: Cotton
Word Count: 437
Author's Notes: Originally written for [profile] 15minuteficlets's Word 111 ) challenge but I did some fiddling with it.

Cotton affected a slightly dazed grin as the others continued their bold, brash boastings. At one point, one of the younger marines, the one who wasn’t so far into his drink as they others, gave a worried glance at Cotton.

“Shouldn’t we be keepin’ our voices down?” he asked.

Just to be on the safe side, Cotton yawned widely to show off his tongueless mouth, to remind them of his affliction. Unfortunately, Parrot tried to help by squawking “Pieces o’ eight,” summoning a barmaid over with a tankard of rum, potentially reminding the men that it was still possible to communicate even if you couldn’t speak.

Luckily, the biggest and drunkest braggart in the group dismissed the old salt as harmless. “’e can’t do nothing,” he proclaimed loudly. “’he’s not right in the head.” Using two fingers, he tapped his own forehead to prove his point.

It was the position of many, mistaking dumbness of the tongue with dumbness of the mind, but a position Cotton didn’t overly object to. After all, it allowed others to underestimate him.

Besides, he got the last laugh the next day when —- after first sobering Gibbs up enough to translate properly for the Captain —- Cotton was able to relay the Navy’s plans. The crew of the Black Pearl were not only able to avoid the trap set for them, but took advantage of the distraction to plunder the under-guarded fort. In addition to the wages -- a substantial sum of gold -- Captain Sparrow went a step further and raided the Navy Captain’s personal effects, taking a spyglass to replace the one Anamaria had tossed over the side when Jack had threatened to use it on her (after first threatening to use it on him in a completely dissimilar and significantly more painful way) and a ring that glittered so brightly Captain Sparrow couldn’t resist adding it to his collection of baubles. There was also the matter of some official correspondence, lifted not because the crew had any particular interest in the workings of the English court, but because it would prove quite the embarrassment to the Captain who had staked so much on capturing and hanging the elusive Jack Sparrow, the pirate those Port Royal bastards were having so much trouble with.

All in all, it was a good turn, Cotton thought to himself. Parrot stayed silent on this matter; no one was close enough to require his translation services.

It was amazing, really, the things you pick up when surrounded by those dumb enough to think that just because you couldn’t speak didn’t mean you were deaf.
Title: Untitled
Character: Bellatrix
Word Count: 513
A/N: Written for this week's [profile] 15minuteficlets. The word )
Warnings: Cut, if you don't worry about potentially disturbing subjects )

Her mother had lost her figure after having babies. She denied it at first, claiming her husband preferred zaftig women, using that term always instead of the more mundane “pleasantly plump” because she thought it was foreign. No one ever informed her it was, in fact, a Muggle word.

Her husband said nothing, though his mistresses became thinner and thinner until his preferred fuck was nothing more than skin and bones, barely even having any breasts, the only feature the girls were happy to have inherited from their mother, at one time her crowning glory before she let herself go to waste.

The three Black girls watched their mother, watched how she garnered no respect from her fellow socialites who wouldn’t even always wait until she left the room to gossip maliciously, and they all vowed they would never allow the same to happen to themselves.

Her sister, Narcissa, informed her husband before their son had even come home from the hospital that she was not having another baby. The Healers agreed—hers had been a difficult pregnancy. Draco was a small baby; Narcissa had put on too little weight during his pregnancy. She told Bellatrix afterwards that was because she only increased her eating habits slightly despite having the appetite for two.

Narcissa regained her former figure by the time Draco was two months.

The other sister, the one Bellatrix didn’t talk to anymore, didn’t think about anymore, also only had one child. To spit in the face of tradition even further, she stopped after that even though the baby was only a girl. She, too, managed to regain her figure, though Bellatrix wasn’t sure how long it took, only having run into her by complete accident when the child was just old enough to start walking uneasy steps.

Bellatrix’s first thoughts when she learned that Rodolphus’ baby was growing inside of her was to worry about her figure. She wasn’t going to lose her looks. She wasn’t going to become grossly round like her mother.

It wasn’t just for vanity, although her pride paid an important part. It was also because she knew that her Lord would not allow her to continue His work when she become slow, encumbered by her belly.

So Bellatrix ignored the life inside of her. Bellatrix ignored the signs of her own belly swelling. She ignored her own worries about the future, about her place in the months to come.

Bellatrix ignored the blood between her legs when she woke up one day. She didn’t feel regret that the baby was dying, didn’t feel relief that a solution had come.

Bellatrix ignored the sharp pains in her belly. Bellatrix ignored her husband’s inquisitive words. Bellatrix ignored her own sluggishness, the confusion that coloured even the simplest questions. Bellatrix ignored the darkness that remained around her periphery no matter which way she turned her head.

Rodolphus couldn’t ignore it after his wife fell to the ground in a feverish swoon, the blood now staining her skirts, but by the time the Healer arrived, it was too late.
Am very tired and hungover. Still. I'm sure that's not at all surprising to anyone who read my entries last night, though.

I have discovered that being hungover is good for several things. One, it made me want to read a long, engaging story, so I finally read Robin4's Promises Unbroken. Also, it puts me in the mood for darkfics. Consequently, I actually tried out one of [profile] 15minuteficlets challenges for once. The result is partially Sirius/Bellatrix, mostly rambling and not very coherent. At least I don't think it is, but my eyes are actually shutting while writing this, so I'm not the best judge for anything tonight. But I gather that that's the point. If I actually do like it come morning, I might fix it up and post it in the Blackcest lists.

Cut for Blackcest and because it's what we're supposed to do.

15 minute fic challenge )



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