Title: Back to Black
Fandom: Harry Potter
Word Count: 426
Pairings: Regulus/Barty
Written for: ff.n's HP Fanfiction Challenges Forum Drabble Tag - regulus/bartyjr - back to black

They met in the kitchens of Hogwarts where Regulus overheard this slight boy he had never noticed in the Common Room thank the house-elf who brought him a drink, making sure to add that she had done a good job scrubbing the bubotuber pus from Slytherin table in the Great Hall. Regulus' brother was responsible for that mess and Regulus had spent his day (after being thoroughly decontaminated by Madam Pomfrey) hearing his classmates swear revenge in various imaginative ways. Dinner had to be eaten at with the Hufflepuffs.

The chances that it was the same house-elf were small, but she blushed prettily anyway, pressing a homemade cauldron cake on the boy. He caught sight of Regulus as he watched her bustle off to get his reward and stiffened. Regulus should not have seen that exchange.

The younger boy was wary but didn't back down. Regulus smiled, not smirked, and suggested he ask for a Butterbeer the next time. The kitchen elves had a secret stash, Regulus knew from previous visits; its existence only hinted at to those who liked the house-elves best.

They didn't last. Barty's parents didn't approve of his friendship with Regulus, for all that they were a respectable pureblood family. The Blacks were too closely associated with Dark magic; it would reflect badly on the senior Crouch's political career. Regulus protested but Barty was insistent; he knew, he said, when to give into his father, what to say to appease him, what he was willing to give up now to make things better in the long run.

It was little comfort to Regulus.

Barty joined their side once he'd left Hogwarts and Regulus was given credit for converting the son of the man tipped to be the next Minister of Magic. That Barty found the courage wasn't surprising; Regulus was a Black, he knew all too well what rebellion against family looked like. That Barty sought him out again a few weeks after his initiation was.

It wasn't the same, although Regulus hadn't expected it to be. The boy at Hogwarts, the one who had been so kind to the house-elves in the kitchens, Regulus would have gone to him with his doubts. The man who knew what to say to best get his way was no such confidante. Regulus was a Black; he knew all too well how zealotry went.

He never seriously considered going to Barty, not even when Kreacher returned when he wasn't meant to and Regulus decided he could not serve a man like Voldemort.

Regulus died alone.
Title: Kiss and Tell
Fandom: Harry Potter
Character/Relationships: Lily/James, Sirius
Word Count: 625
Written: Drabble Tag over at the ff.n Harry Potter Challenge Forum for the prompt James/Lily, chase

James is totally one to kiss and tell. )
Title: Snowball Fight
Fandom: Harry Potter
Character/Relationships: Lily/James, Sirius
Word Count: 612
Written: [livejournal.com profile] comment_fic Harry Potter, Lily/James + Sirius + baby Harry, Predictably, Sirius threw the first snowball. Lily threw the second.

If you hit the baby, you will regret it. )
Title: We All Scream
Fandom: Harry Potter
Word Count: 200
Pairings: Sirius/Lily
Written for: ff.n's HP Fanfiction Challenges Forum Drabble Tag - Sirius/Lily; tongue

There was daub of ice cream on the tip of Lily's nose.

Sirius couldn't stop himself staring, though when Lily demanded, "What are you looking at?" he muttered something nondescript and turned his attention back to the parchments they were supposed to be studying. It was Order business--urgent--which demanded their immediate attention as Order business always did. He hadn't meant for her to cast the cone aside when he came in, hating as always that he'd had to interrupt her meager leisure time. Now Sirius tried to pay attention, but the bit of ice cream demanded his concentration as he tried to decide what flavour of ice cream could be on her nose. At first glance it appeared vanilla-white, but if Sirius looked close enough, he thought he could make out a blush of pink, making for dozens more possibilities.

At last he couldn't take it anymore. The mystery was driving him mad and there was only one sensible solution: turn into a dog and lick it off.

"Padfoot!" she squealed, holding up her hands in defence against further attacks.

Sirius let his tongue loll out in an approximation of a canine smile.

It was strawberry ice cream.
Title: Liar, Liar
Fandom: Harry Potter
Word Count: 100
Pairings: Bellatrix/Rodolphus
Written for: ff.n's HP Fanfiction Challenges Forum Drabble Tag - Bellatrix/Rodolphus; liar, liar


His wife screams almost as loud as the Aurors, she twists her wand to give the curse some extra power and they go hoarse, whimpers that can barely be heard over Bellatrix' desperate screeches.

"Where is the Dark Lord? Tell us!"

The Longbottoms started off protesting they didn't know. They might be still trying to convey those filthy lies that they are ignorant, they are innocent. Or maybe they have given in, finally ready to tell the truth. It's nothing but incoherency at this point.

Their mission has failed.

Rodolphus leans down closer to the woman.

"Cruciato," he whispers.
Title: Kisses at Midnight
Fandom: Harry Potter
Word Count: 100
Pairings: Sirius/Lily
Written for: ff.n's HP Fanfiction Challenges Forum Drabble Tag - Sirius/any, kisses at midnight

Sometimes she'll kiss him in the light of the day, in front of all their friends, in front of James. These kisses are chaste, friend-like, and it's his reaction--he's startled every time--that's more suspicious. Sirius lives in fear of the day something is finally said.

Most of the time they'll find each other an indeterminable time after midnight, those nights when dawn is a distant dream. When the war drags on. When the world becomes too much to bear.

Lily is his salvation those nights, her lips soft but her kisses heady and Sirius remembers why he fights.
Title: Nine Drabbles on the Quidditch World Cup
Fandom: Harry Potter
Word Count: 9 x 100
Characters/Pairings: Rabastan Lestrange, Marlene McKinnon, Sirius Black, Lily Evans/James Potter, Dorcas Meadowes, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, Caradoc Dearborn, Gideon Prewitt, Fabian Prewitt, Mairead Bones/Edgar Bones (plus children), Alice Longbottom/Frank Longbottom
Written for: [profile] first_order's Reader's Challenge with the prompt by [personal profile] lar_laughs: a collection of characters talk about the upcoming Quidditch World Cup.

Marlene McKinnon )

Sirius Black )

Lily Evans )

Dorcas Meadowes )

Remus Lupin )

Caradoc Dearborn )

Gideon and Fabian Prewitt )

Edgar Bones )

Alice Longbottom )
Title: Early to Bed
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Lily/James/Sirius
Word Count: 100
Written for: [community profile] shareandsharealike's Three Week's for Dreamwidth Fic-a-thon, prompt 5: Nobody ever makes big enough beds (or showers)

Sleeping nestled between Sirius and James, cocooned by their bodies, made Lily feel safe in ways she hadn’t since the war began. During waking hours, however, the bed was simply too small.

At first, when even kisses were tentative, the bed’s size wasn’t too intolerable, but as the weeks wore on and all three became bolder in their confidence, the number of misplaced elbows or the times bracing hands met air instead of mattress became unbearable.

Tonight was different. Smug grins explained their part in the bed that’s only bigger when they’re on it.

Lily did love her clever boys.
Title: Happy the Woman
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Lily/James/Sirius
Word Count: 318
Written for: Schermionie's Poetry Prompt at the Fanfic Challenge Forum over at ff.n. Inspired by John Dryden's version of Horace's Odes 3.29

Sometimes, Lily thought herself mad to fall in love as she had. )
Title: Those Who Defy
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Alice/Frank
Word Count: 200
Written for: [profile] first_order's Speed Drabble Weekend, prompt loud and defiant

Frank was the one who told her about the prophecy.

He had to meet Dumbledore alone since Alice had been stuck all day with a group of expectant mothers, teaching an Auror-sponsored workshop on how to protect themselves and their families from a Death Eater attack. It was pointless and it was useless, but the workshops seemed to be all the Ministry would assign her ever since they found out she was pregnant.

“Voldemort’s going after our baby?” she asked when Frank’s words sunk in. “No, wait—”

Her husband nodded sombrely. She had thought someone had died when she first arrived home and saw his face. “It might be Lily and James. They defied him three times as well. Dumbledore doesn’t know.”

For a brief moment, Alice allowed herself to wonder if it was worth it, whether what they did was worth the price they paid.

That moment passed and Alice pushed those doubts away. She smiled at Frank. It was shaky and there was no humour behind it, but her husband would appreciate it all the same.

“Then let’s hunt down that bastard. Even if we can’t—even if—at the very least, let’s make it four times.”
Title: Red
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Lily/James
Word Count: 200
Written for: [profile] first_order's Speed Drabble Weekend, prompt my face is red

Lily Potter was embarrassed beyond belief. She could feel her face grow hot when the others finally came into the room and saw the humiliating tableau she presented.

Picking herself up off the floor, she tried to walk through them to the door with as much dignity and grace as she could muster, but her legs wobbled and she slipped once again.

James caught her, holding her tight, but even he was too mortified to look her in the eyes, staring off over her shoulder instead.

“Lily, Lily,” he cried into her ear, “what are you doing?”

Lily didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, so she did both.

“I’m so embarrassed,” she said, trying to control herself, “I don’t know what everyone must think of me.”

“Lily,” James said again. He cupped her face, lightly trailing two fingers over her cheekbone. Her blush rubbed off on them.

She stared at his fingers, touched them hesitantly. They were wet and sticky, the colour and consistency of blood. Touching her face, she found more of it there. Her face was covered in blood.

“Lily,” James was saying, “what happened? Please, please, tell me what happened.”

Lily couldn’t answer. She didn’t know.
Title: Prayer for the Fallen
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Sirius, James, Peter, Remus
Word Count: 100
Written for: [profile] first_order's Speed Drabble Weekend, prompt a prayer for the fallen

They couldn’t often get away. The preparations involved in going to the pub, making sure they were reachable by the right people and untraceable by the rest, were a far cry from the spontaneity with which they used to bunk off to the Three Broomsticks. But tonight they made the effort.

It was Sirius’ turn to stand the round, according to Peter who kept track of these things. Once they had their drinks, Remus called for silence, although it was James who spoke.

He kept it simple. “To Clement Thwaite.”

They repeated the toast, drinking to the fallen Order member.
Title: Precautions
Fandom: Harry Potter
Character: Alice Longbottom
Word Count: 100
Written for: [profile] first_order's Speed Drabble Weekend, prompt turn the lights out

All members of the Order of the Phoenix had a set of precautions they followed in case of attack.

When the baby came, she modified hers to make sure he’d keep safe. Reinforce the special shields around his nursery, twice a day. Cast an Imperturbable Charm so he wouldn’t wake, so they couldn’t hear him. Turn the lights out and pretend he wasn’t there. Hide him away so no Death Eaters could ever get close. Keep her wand by her side at all times. Be alert. Be ready.

The war was over. Alice Longbottom wasn’t supposed to need these anymore.
Not a songfic, I just suck at naming things, so I stole some unrelated lyrics.

Title: Wake me when September ends
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: McGonagall, MWPP
Word Count: 766
Written for: [profile] mariana_oconnor's prompt at [community profile] comment_fic, Marauders & Professor McGonagall, the first time they are sent to McGonagall's office

Minerva was starting to suspect that Potter and Black were two naturally-born troublemakers. )
You know how I was talking about writing 10 War Songs earlier this week (actually, I talked about 15 War Songs, but that was before I realized how badly I failed at math). Well, instead of thinking about something sensible, like a story which has already been started and needs to be finished, I spent my half hour wandering around before work this morning thinking of something for that. Except it turned waaaaaay too shippy for that, so I'm posting it here and now instead.

Title: Spark
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Sirius/Lily (with offscreen Lily/James)
Word Count: 731
Written for: Nothing? Could it be that I have had an original thought in my mind? How long has that been?

They are not winning the war. )
Title: The Name of Love
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Lily/James
Word Count: 1100
Written for: [community profile] comment_fic prompt by [profile] moon_destiny, Lily/James - love has a name

Lily quite casually broke James' heart one morning whilst sitting at the breakfast table )
Title: A Lack of Privacy
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Sirius, Lily/James (with hints of Sirius/James and/or Sirius/Lily)
Word Count: 490
Written for: [community profile] mmom (Merry Month of Masturbation) Day 14

The walls are paper thin and Sirius can hear them in the next room. )
You know how some people write those "20 Facts you didn't know about X"? Well, I'll probably never cobble together twenty facts.

Forgive the mistakes; it's been ages since I was on the subway in London.

Title: Random Facts
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Sirius, James
Word Count: 415

Sirius learned how to navigate London Underground one Saturday shortly after Lily teased him about how he knew Hogwarts inside-out, with its secret passages and doors that led to a different room depending one whether it was Thursday or raining, but got lost every time he ventured into the Muggle transit system despite the colour-coded maps every five feet.

He spent the entire day on the Tube, getting up early and learning how to transfer from one train to another. A little embarrassed that he didn’t know what he was doing, even if none of the Muggles would ever recognize him, Sirius adopted a disguise (a spare pair of James’ glasses, the lens enchanted so that Sirius could see through them and a pair of trousers and a t-shirt Lily had bought him for undercover work after rolling her eyes at the outfit he’d been wearing before then) and affected an American accent. The latter seemed to fool most of his fellow passengers, even if it did almost get him into a fistfight with a young business man from Chicago who though Sirius was mocking him.

By the end of the day, Sirius had mastered transferring. He knew three ways to get from Charing Cross Road to King’s Cross Station. He could name all the lines that service Baker Street, South Kensington, and Bank and Monument Stations. He had memorized the order of the stations Victoria Line.

All in all, Sirius was pretty proud of himself and in no way thought he deserved Lily’s laughter when he bragged about his accomplishment that evening at the Potters’.

James was inspired by Sirius and decided to replicate the feat a month later. He didn’t tell his wife or best mate, because he planned to surprise them by suggesting the best route the next time they found themselves travelling in London. Plus, if they weren’t aware of the timeline, then they couldn’t mock him mercilessly about having to copy Sirius.

He was especially glad he didn’t tell them after getting hopelessly lost travelling on the Circle Line for two hours waiting to reach Royal Oak, only realizing he was on a closed circuit after passing St. James’s Park for the third time.

After that, he cheerfully put up with the ribbing he got from Lily and Sirius, just happy that they never learned the more embarrassing ammunition.

Learning to navigate London Underground is item number thirty-seven on James’ list of things to do when the war is over.
Title: Break
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Lily/Sirius
Word Count: 100
Written for: [profile] fallenmelody's Multi-Fandom Request-A-Fic Meme Type-Thing, prompt You can't break that which isn't yours.

A/N: This is adult. It's also disjointed. This is on purpose, but I hope the effect works.

Sirius won't think about what James would say )
Title: Served Cold
Fandom: Harry Potter
Word Count: 100
Pairings: Sirius/Narcissa, implied Sirius/Bellatrix
Written for: [profile] blackcest100's Catfight prompt

Narcissa didn’t understand why Bellatrix was so angry when Rodolphus paid attention to her. Everyone knew that theirs was a relationship of convenience only.

But she’d forgotten just how possessive Bellatrix could be. While they weren’t in love, he was still hers—and Bellatrix’s things were off-limits to her sisters. It wasn’t until Narcissa was broken, bleeding and crying for mercy that she remembered that lesson.

Still, Narcissa was a Black. She might slink off, but only to bide time.

Blacks got revenge.

She got Sirius drunk, dyed her hair black and made sure Bellatrix caught her sucking his cock.