Title: Dumb
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Character: Cotton
Word Count: 386
Written for: [community profile] blackpearlsails - No clue. I'm reorganizing my harddrive and found this.

Cotton affected a slightly dazed grin as the others continued their bold, brash boastings. At one point, one of the younger marines, one who wasn’t so far into his drink as they others, gave a worried glance at Cotton.

“Shouldn’t we be keepin’ our voices down?” he asked.

Just to be on the safe side, Cotton yawned widely to show off his tongueless mouth. He wanted to show them he was harmless. Unfortunately, Parrot tried to help by squawking “Pieces o’ eight,” summoning a barmaid over with a tankard of rum, reminding the men that it was still possible to communicate even if you couldn’t speak.

Luckily, the biggest and drunkest braggart in the group dismissed the old salt as harmless. “’e can’t do nothing,” he proclaimed loudly. “’he’s not right in the head.”

It was the position of many, but one Cotton didn’t overly mind. After all, it allowed others to underestimate him.

Besides, he got the last laugh the next day when, after first sobering Gibbs up enough to translate properly for the Captain, Cotton was able to relay the Navy’s plans. The crew of the Black Pearl were not only able to avoid the trap set for them, but also plundered the captain’s quarters.

In addition to the wages, which was a substantial sum of gold, Captain Sparrow went a step further and raided the Navy Captain’s personal effects, taking a spyglass to replace the one Anamaria had tossed over the side when Jack had threatened to use it on her (after first threatening to use it on him in a completely dissimilar and more painful way), a ring that glittered so nicely Captain Sparrow couldn’t resist and some official correspondence, not because the crew had any particular interest in matters of the English court, but because it would prove quite the embarrassment to the Captain who had staked so much on capturing and hanging the elusive Jack Sparrow, the pirate those Port Royal bastards were having so much trouble with.

All in all, it was a good turn, Cotton thought to himself. Parrot stayed silent; no one was close enough to translate to.

It was amazing, really, the things you pick up when surrounded by those stupid enough not to realize that just because you couldn’t speak didn’t mean you were deaf.
Title: Fool
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Character: Barbossa/Pearl
Word Count: 100
Written for: [community profile] blackpearlsails - No clue. I'm reorganizing my harddrive and found this.

The second mutiny easier.

It wasn't just convincing the crew, who were always more willing to follow his straight promises than try to wrap their minds around Jack's wordplay and tricks.

But the Pearl...

Last time, he'd spent months, years, trying to tame her. She fought him every step, even after he told her Jack was dead (a lie, but neither knew that), even after he got her cursed.
Now, she gave little more than a shudder before surrendering to his hands on her helm.

Whatever Jack had done, he was a bigger fool than Barbossa could ever have believed.
Over at [community profile] blackpearlsails there's a poetry challenge instead of the usual drabble challenge. Here is my contribution: three clerihews

Young Elizabeth Swann
Was drawn
To swashbuckling tales alone - she shied from the real thing
A little embarrassing for the future pirate king

Captain Jack Sparrow
Tricked many a foe
With dizzying wordplay and odd offers of tea
All on his quest for immortality

Poor Will Turner
Would much prefer
To craft fine swords rather than the battle plan
That resulted in him becoming captain of the Flying Dutchman
Title: Checking it Twice
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Character: Jack
Word Count: 881
Written for: [community profile] blackpearlsails - not a particular challenge, but just for them in general.

Jack went through his list again, but it was just as he suspected: there was still one name he hadn't bought a gift for. )
Title: Tear us Apart
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Pairing: Will/Elizabeth
Word Count: 336
Written for: [personal profile] onceuponapillow over at [community profile] comment_fic for the prompt Will/Elizabeth, Nothings gonna tear us apart

Ten years is worth the wait. )
Title: Little Things
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Characters/Pairings: Barbossa, Black Pearl (with offscreen Pearl/Jack)
Word Count: 500
Written for: ... probably something over at BPS. I found it today on my hard drive. It was completely finished. And titled. And everything. But I can find no record of me posting it.

It was all little things at first, symptoms and situations that he couldn't put together but that continued to grate at the back of his head, like the Pearl's laughter )
Title: No Time to Hesitate
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Character: Davy Jones1
Word Count: 150
Written for: [profile] potc100 - Second Thoughts

It filled him with something akin to physical pain, the sight of the dead floating aimlessly across the sea, unable to complete their journey without his help.

But that was wrong. He had finished with pain, physical or otherwise, when he’d taken a knife to his chest and cut out his heart. It had made him weak and Davy Jones was finished with being weak.

Around him, the dead cried out; for the briefest second, he listened.

“Help me.”

“We’re lost.”

“I beg you.”


Davy Jones turned his back, steeling himself against their pleas. He could ill afford to hesitate now, his revenge only half complete.

Calypso would hurt when she saw the consequences of her betrayal, knowing she had only herself to blame for the souls’ plight. She would grow careless, leading her right into his ultimate trap.

The bitch would finally know what it was to suffer.
Title: A Good Night's Sleep
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Characters: Elizabeth, Jack
Word Count: 750
Written for:: [community profile] comment_fic prompt by [personal profile] were_lemur, Elizabeth - single motherhood
Author's Note: Probably should have got this one beta'd. Mostly because I have finally admitted I have a migraine (and I was doing so well, spending over a week in denial). Which means things like word order and the knowledge of how to put a key in a lock aren't currently my forte. As to why I haven't just got a beta, well I have a migraine, which means I have fuzzy thinking and just can't bring myself to care.

All this translates to: if you see anything awkward or out and out wrong, let me know. This goes for all my things, really, but doubly so today.

That is, if there's anyone left that hasn't been chased off by this lovely introduction.

Elizabeth should have known that it would be more hassle than it was worth, trying to ask Jack to babysit. )
Title: Spoils of War
Fandom: PotC
Characters/Pairings: Elizabeth, Will Turner III, Ragetti
Word Count: 300
Written for: [community profile] blackpearlsails Share drabble challenge

It's Ragetti versus Elizabeth's three-year old son )
Title: Memories
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Character: Jack
Word Count: 100
Written for: [profile] potc100's Memory challenge

No man remained long at sea who did not find ways to cope with the tedium—long voyages, repetitive shifts, monotonous days, the odd endless nights. Jack had a multitude of methods for dealing: telling stories, believable or true; partaking in rum enough to even sate his thirst; fantasizing about those women who hadn’t yet succumbed to his charm; remembering those who had. But for those long, lonely nights when the sea was restless, when the ship uneasy, what really got Jack through was the memories of his Pearl and the promise that one day he would get her back.
Title: Widow's Comfort
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Characters: Elizabeth, Anamaria (Elizabeth/Will)
Word Count: 713
Written for: [community profile] mmom (Merry Month of Masturbation) Day 4
Author's Note: Adult, as you might have guessed from the above, though not very graphic at all. Probably anachronistic, since I found it difficult to research the history of dildos.

She's four months gone when she runs into Anamaria, finally over being sick but just starting to be desperate in that way only Will could help her with. )
Title: His Own Master
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Characters: Davy Jones
Word Count: 100
Written for: [community profile] blackpearlsails' Master challenge

She’d ripped his heart out long before he took the knife to his chest, but still it hurt. Not just the physical—the first incision, the parting of skin and flesh, the cracking of rib bones exposing the beating organ—but the psychic too. He endured it, knowing he was stripping himself of his vulnerabilities, locking them away in a chest with his heart where no woman would find it again.

He had cried his last tears over the bitch. When the key turned, he was a new man, stronger, powerful, in control.

Davy Jones was his own master forevermore.
Title: Pieces of Eight
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Characters: Elizabeth, Gibbs
Word Count: 100
Written for: [community profile] blackpearlsails' Gold challenge

“But Sao Feng passed his token on to me! I have it right here!” Elizabeth exclaimed.

“Aye,” Gibbs said, regretfully. “But that isn’t the original piece of eight.

“Unfortunately, the original captains were… pirates. To a one, they spent those nine pieces of eight the next time they were broke. What you have is the replacement. Good for passing on the title, but nothing more.”

The newest pirate lord couldn’t help but think that history would have gone very differently if the first Brethren Court had instead bound Calypso with pieces of whatever they happened to have in their pockets…
le sigh. I had to go buy a new keyboard, since neither of my shift keys decided to miraculously start working again.

Title: Never
Fandom: Pirates
Pairing: the closest I'll ever get to Jack/Elizabeth
Word Count: 100
Written for: ... something or another over at BPS, long long ago.

She never thought that she would want Jack Sparrow (never imagined it, except for that one time when everything seemed to be going wrong and the only thing she knew for sure was that she wanted was more).

She never thought she would break her marriage vows (but ten years was just such a long time).

She never thought she’d crave another man’s lips on her own (except Jack wouldn’t kiss on the lips, never on the lips, not after the first time, he’d learned his lesson there).

She never knew that ten years could be such a long time.
Title: Encouragement
Fandom: Pirates
Word Count: 100
Character: Davy Jones
Written for: [community profile] blackpearlsails's Wager prompt

He encouraged the game, though the crew would never know it to look at him. They played only when out of his way, for fear that he would crush that last lingering hope of getting off the ship before serving their full hundred years.

But that was why he liked it, being able to watch the light in their eyes die as they cried out increasingly desperate bids that no one would match, realizing it would take more than their original hundred years to rid themselves of all that additional time they’d wagered and lost.

That was why he watched.
Title: Resolve
Fandom: PotC
Characters: Bootstrap Bill, Davy Jones
Word Count: 100
Written for: the Resolve theme that was on Black Pearl Sails about... oh, 18 months ago now. I was going through my harddrive and found the unfinished version, which I polished up today.

Jones was smart. He waited (an eternity? Bill couldn't gauge time when every second smothered) before approaching him.

"You'll be here forever. Hell is more forgiving. I can end it."

It was the first contact Bill had since they laced the cannon to his bootstrap.


The first time, Bill resisted (he remembered the stories).

He left.

Bill didn't regret his decision (not right away); he knew what Jones was.

But little by little, his resolve crumbled (his body didn't). Ninety-nine years was nothing compared to eternity.

Davy Jones knew the exact moment Bill surrendered.

He waited a little longer.
Some years ago, instead of a drabble challenge over at Black Pearl Sails, we had a poetry challenge. I wrote a limerick and a cinquain (defined as five lines with the syllables distributed as follows: 2, 4, 6, 8, 2)

Title: Blacksmith Named Will

There once was a blacksmith named Will,
All pirates he had sworn he would kill.
Practicing three hours a day,
Foil, sabre and épée,
So all swords he could handle with skill.

Title: Freedom

Ever seeking
Always striving towards
A keel, a haul, a deck and sails
Black Pearl
Title: Eliza
Fandom: PotC
Word Count: 163
Character: Weatherby
Written for: umm... the bed prompt at BPS, I think. I wrote this some time ago, but apparently forgot to post it here.

They meant well, his sisters, his peers.

"Elizabeth needs a mother," Reagan would say, and Weatherby couldn't rightly argue she was mistaken, that his daughter wasn't running around wild as a native in the New World where he'd been offered his post.

"A governor needs a wife," said Archibald. It wasn't all he said, of course, but Weatherby wouldn't entertain thoughts of his other reasons why his friend was pushing matrimony.

But just as he couldn't imagine another woman living in Eliza's house, picture someone else asleep in their marriage bed, he couldn't bring himself to remand Elizabeth, even as she slid into tables to the tut-tuts of the guests. He was still relieved she could run at all, having been so stricken with the same illness that felled her mother.

In the end, it was easier to leave behind all reminders of his wife and start anew in Port Royal than it could ever be to find another woman to replace her.
Title: The Mistake
Fandom: Pirates
Word Count: 100
Character: Will
Written for: Black Pearl Sails' "You've made a big mistake" challenge

They had made a big mistake, kidnapping his wife.

Will supposed it was an easy one to make. With all the stories of Davy Jones and Beckett, everyone knew that to control the captain of the Flying Dutchman, you must first control his heart.

Unfortunately, these men had not taken that advice literally, and far from controlling him, it only made him mad. Of course, his anger would be nothing compared to Elizabeth's. He dreaded to think what she was doing while waiting to be rescued.

Will just hoped that there would be something left of them when he arrived.