You know how some people write those "20 Facts you didn't know about X"? Well, I'll probably never cobble together twenty facts.

Forgive the mistakes; it's been ages since I was on the subway in London.

Title: Random Facts
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Sirius, James
Word Count: 415

Sirius learned how to navigate London Underground one Saturday shortly after Lily teased him about how he knew Hogwarts inside-out, with its secret passages and doors that led to a different room depending one whether it was Thursday or raining, but got lost every time he ventured into the Muggle transit system despite the colour-coded maps every five feet.

He spent the entire day on the Tube, getting up early and learning how to transfer from one train to another. A little embarrassed that he didn’t know what he was doing, even if none of the Muggles would ever recognize him, Sirius adopted a disguise (a spare pair of James’ glasses, the lens enchanted so that Sirius could see through them and a pair of trousers and a t-shirt Lily had bought him for undercover work after rolling her eyes at the outfit he’d been wearing before then) and affected an American accent. The latter seemed to fool most of his fellow passengers, even if it did almost get him into a fistfight with a young business man from Chicago who though Sirius was mocking him.

By the end of the day, Sirius had mastered transferring. He knew three ways to get from Charing Cross Road to King’s Cross Station. He could name all the lines that service Baker Street, South Kensington, and Bank and Monument Stations. He had memorized the order of the stations Victoria Line.

All in all, Sirius was pretty proud of himself and in no way thought he deserved Lily’s laughter when he bragged about his accomplishment that evening at the Potters’.

James was inspired by Sirius and decided to replicate the feat a month later. He didn’t tell his wife or best mate, because he planned to surprise them by suggesting the best route the next time they found themselves travelling in London. Plus, if they weren’t aware of the timeline, then they couldn’t mock him mercilessly about having to copy Sirius.

He was especially glad he didn’t tell them after getting hopelessly lost travelling on the Circle Line for two hours waiting to reach Royal Oak, only realizing he was on a closed circuit after passing St. James’s Park for the third time.

After that, he cheerfully put up with the ribbing he got from Lily and Sirius, just happy that they never learned the more embarrassing ammunition.

Learning to navigate London Underground is item number thirty-seven on James’ list of things to do when the war is over.
Written for [profile] daily15's word 423. Lily and James, dialogue.

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What is this? 981 words of dialogue that has not been proofread or even read but mostly typed after being inspired by the first challenge over at [profile] dialogue_500. Pretend like it was a 15 minute ficlet, only I've been writing it on and off over the last hour or so.

Of course, during one of the breaks I hopped over to [profile] hp_britglish and learned that "goddamned" is considered an Americanism. Oops? Well, now I know, right?

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