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Title: A-Carolling
Fandom: Dark Angel
Character/Relationships: Max, Alec
Word Count: 556
Written for: Raising Hell

“’Come on,’ you said, ‘Go Christmas caroling with us,’ you said. ‘It will be fun,’ you said.”

Max had never realized just how convincingly the hand signals Manticore had taught them could convey sarcasm, but she should have known better. Especially when it came to Alec.

She could have used the corresponding gestures to tell him to just shut up already, but found a kick to his ankle worked just as well, and was more satisfying to boot.

"Oww," he said, out loud, with wounded emphasis on the word so Max was sure to pick up on it, but in time to the song so that no one else would notice he'd altered the line to "Fa la la la la, la la la oww!"

She thought about altering the lyrics herself, but “Shut your mouth or I’ll kick your ass” didn’t scan quite as well as “Sing we joyous all together” even if she did draw out the last word to two syllables. Besides, Logan was already leveling a nasty glare at both of them and it wouldn’t do to have anyone else notice that they weren’t as merry as their fellow carollers.

Three songs later (including a perfectly atrocious rendition of “Away in the Manger” where half the group started to sing the wrong melody and where everyone tried to switch to the other tune as soon as they realized the problem) and Max no longer cared if hitting Alec would break their cover, not when he was coming up with increasingly infuriating gifts from his true Max, not when they still had another seven days of Christmas to get through and definitely not when every verse ended with “and an unromantic pasta dinner.”

When ten Logans lecturing followed nine hackers hacking, Max couldn’t take it anymore.

“That’s enough!” she yelled, thankfully at the same time some of the sketchier-looking audience members pulled their guns and shouted, “Nobody move!” and Alec, who apparently found it easier to multi-task when bugging Max than she found it to multi-task when she was being bugged said, “About time.”

He disarmed the closest thug and had already moved onto the next before Max faced her first. Max thought this was patently not fair. She was only trailing behind because of the precious four split-seconds she’d wasted trying to smack Alec upside the head. But then her guy gave a particularly lascivious leer and gestured like he wouldn’t mind her getting up close and personal, so she obliged him by kicking somewhere very close and personal indeed. It was almost as much fun as hitting the cocky transgenic himself.

The rest of the gang weren’t any more problem and before her temper was fully satisfied, the bad guys were all bundled up, the cops had been called (by their fellow carollers who were even more naïve than Max could have credited) and Eyes Only had all the evidence he needed to make sure justice was actually served.

Then Max sidled up to Alec, who was looking entirely too pleased with himself, and slugged him in the shoulder, making sure she put enough force behind the punch to make even his transgenic ass wince.

"What was that for?” Alec asked, rubbing his shoulder gingerly.

Max smiled widely, taking care to show her teeth. “Told you it would be fun.”
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