Title: Twitter Hack (this will change)
Fandom: MCU/Avengers
Characters: Tony, Bruce
Word Count: 1071
Written for: [livejournal.com profile] comment_fic MCU, Tony (+ any), he hacks his own twitter account

Bruce had grown pretty good at blocking out the sounds in the lab )
Title: Alphabits: Hero
Fandom: Dark Angel
Characters: Max, Alec
Word Count: 100
Written for: nickeldime17's alphabet challenge for Max and Alec lovers.

He’d given in, gone after the girl, saved the world (well, at least the part that mattered—his fellow transgenics).

He’d even stuck around for the clean-up, waited until Max’s boyfriend showed with new papers for the young ‘uns (and not so much as an offer to him, not that he’d take her up on it).

But now he was heading off in his brand new 1965 Chrysler Newport, ignoring the looks that Max gave him because he wasn’t going to feel guilty for not buying into her whole save the world spiel.

The hero gig really wasn’t his thing.
Title: Alphabits: Girl
Fandom: Dark Angel
Characters: Max, Alec, Logan
Word Count: 1066
Written for: nickeldime17's alphabet challenge for Max and Alec lovers.

Alec woke up with a pair of tits on his chest. )
Title: Alphabits: Frosting
Fandom: Dark Angel
Characters: Max, Alec
Word Count: 100
Written for: nickeldime17's alphabet challenge for Max and Alec lovers.

"Don't worry," he says as he passes her the keys. "I jacked it from some really bad guys."

Max knows how he feels about her "stealing from criminals" bit—he's teased her enough about it—so Alec doesn't count that as a lie. She doesn't question him, at least, and Alec is mostly sure it isn’t only because she needs the vehicle too badly to find the time to fight.

Besides, leaving your keys in the ignition to defrost the car when it was only a few degrees below freezing was stupid enough that it ought to count as criminal.
Title: Alphabits: Daughter
Fandom: Dark Angel
Characters: Max, Alec
Word Count: 616
Written for: nickeldime17's alphabet challenge for Max and Alec lovers.

Alec was against the meet from the start and wasted no time in telling her so. )
Title: Alphabits: Cold
Fandom: Dark Angel
Characters: Max/Alec
Word Count: 831
Written for: nickeldime17's alphabet challenge for Max and Alec lovers.

It's all she can do to stop from shivering )
Title: Alphabits: Brick
Fandom: Dark Angel
Characters: Max, Alec
Word Count: 231
Written for: nickeldime17's alphabet challenge for Max and Alec lovers.

“This seems like an awful lot of trouble for you just to throw a brick,” Alec commented, drumming his fingers on the card table that doubled as Max’s vanity these days.

Max scowled, but she was too busy trying to smooth down an erstwhile hair to do anything else. “I’m not throwing a brick,” she explained for the fifth time that day. “I’m setting the cornerstone.”

Alec shrugged. He could never understand how a girl could spend so much time primping when she was genetically enhanced to look stunning even in army fatigues.

“Stone, brick, whatever. They’re still all rocks.”

“The cornerstone,” Max continued meaningfully, as though she hadn’t been expecting Alec’s interruption and paused for it, “of a new transgenic cultural centre, which is a huge step forward in ordinary-transgenic relations.”

“They’re only offering us a museum because anything else would require actual work on their side,” Alec said cynically.

“If that’s how you feel, then why are you even coming?” she asked in exasperation, giving up on her hair and placing her hands on her hips.

Alec grinned at her with his most charming smile, the one that had not yet once made Max swoon, though that left most other girls (and several guys, including their former boss) putty in his hand. He jumped off the desk and smoothed out his tux.

“What can I say, Maxie? I’m bored.”
Title: Alphabits: Anything
Fandom: Dark Angel
Characters: Max, Alec, Sketchy
Word Count: 925
Written for: nickeldime17's alphabet challenge for Max and Alec lovers.

Alec could do anything )
Title: Back to Black
Fandom: Harry Potter
Word Count: 426
Pairings: Regulus/Barty
Written for: ff.n's HP Fanfiction Challenges Forum Drabble Tag - regulus/bartyjr - back to black

They met in the kitchens of Hogwarts where Regulus overheard this slight boy he had never noticed in the Common Room thank the house-elf who brought him a drink, making sure to add that she had done a good job scrubbing the bubotuber pus from Slytherin table in the Great Hall. Regulus' brother was responsible for that mess and Regulus had spent his day (after being thoroughly decontaminated by Madam Pomfrey) hearing his classmates swear revenge in various imaginative ways. Dinner had to be eaten at with the Hufflepuffs.

The chances that it was the same house-elf were small, but she blushed prettily anyway, pressing a homemade cauldron cake on the boy. He caught sight of Regulus as he watched her bustle off to get his reward and stiffened. Regulus should not have seen that exchange.

The younger boy was wary but didn't back down. Regulus smiled, not smirked, and suggested he ask for a Butterbeer the next time. The kitchen elves had a secret stash, Regulus knew from previous visits; its existence only hinted at to those who liked the house-elves best.

They didn't last. Barty's parents didn't approve of his friendship with Regulus, for all that they were a respectable pureblood family. The Blacks were too closely associated with Dark magic; it would reflect badly on the senior Crouch's political career. Regulus protested but Barty was insistent; he knew, he said, when to give into his father, what to say to appease him, what he was willing to give up now to make things better in the long run.

It was little comfort to Regulus.

Barty joined their side once he'd left Hogwarts and Regulus was given credit for converting the son of the man tipped to be the next Minister of Magic. That Barty found the courage wasn't surprising; Regulus was a Black, he knew all too well what rebellion against family looked like. That Barty sought him out again a few weeks after his initiation was.

It wasn't the same, although Regulus hadn't expected it to be. The boy at Hogwarts, the one who had been so kind to the house-elves in the kitchens, Regulus would have gone to him with his doubts. The man who knew what to say to best get his way was no such confidante. Regulus was a Black; he knew all too well how zealotry went.

He never seriously considered going to Barty, not even when Kreacher returned when he wasn't meant to and Regulus decided he could not serve a man like Voldemort.

Regulus died alone.
Title: Dumb
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Character: Cotton
Word Count: 386
Written for: [community profile] blackpearlsails - No clue. I'm reorganizing my harddrive and found this.

Cotton affected a slightly dazed grin as the others continued their bold, brash boastings. At one point, one of the younger marines, one who wasn’t so far into his drink as they others, gave a worried glance at Cotton.

“Shouldn’t we be keepin’ our voices down?” he asked.

Just to be on the safe side, Cotton yawned widely to show off his tongueless mouth. He wanted to show them he was harmless. Unfortunately, Parrot tried to help by squawking “Pieces o’ eight,” summoning a barmaid over with a tankard of rum, reminding the men that it was still possible to communicate even if you couldn’t speak.

Luckily, the biggest and drunkest braggart in the group dismissed the old salt as harmless. “’e can’t do nothing,” he proclaimed loudly. “’he’s not right in the head.”

It was the position of many, but one Cotton didn’t overly mind. After all, it allowed others to underestimate him.

Besides, he got the last laugh the next day when, after first sobering Gibbs up enough to translate properly for the Captain, Cotton was able to relay the Navy’s plans. The crew of the Black Pearl were not only able to avoid the trap set for them, but also plundered the captain’s quarters.

In addition to the wages, which was a substantial sum of gold, Captain Sparrow went a step further and raided the Navy Captain’s personal effects, taking a spyglass to replace the one Anamaria had tossed over the side when Jack had threatened to use it on her (after first threatening to use it on him in a completely dissimilar and more painful way), a ring that glittered so nicely Captain Sparrow couldn’t resist and some official correspondence, not because the crew had any particular interest in matters of the English court, but because it would prove quite the embarrassment to the Captain who had staked so much on capturing and hanging the elusive Jack Sparrow, the pirate those Port Royal bastards were having so much trouble with.

All in all, it was a good turn, Cotton thought to himself. Parrot stayed silent; no one was close enough to translate to.

It was amazing, really, the things you pick up when surrounded by those stupid enough not to realize that just because you couldn’t speak didn’t mean you were deaf.
Title: Fool
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Character: Barbossa/Pearl
Word Count: 100
Written for: [community profile] blackpearlsails - No clue. I'm reorganizing my harddrive and found this.

The second mutiny easier.

It wasn't just convincing the crew, who were always more willing to follow his straight promises than try to wrap their minds around Jack's wordplay and tricks.

But the Pearl...

Last time, he'd spent months, years, trying to tame her. She fought him every step, even after he told her Jack was dead (a lie, but neither knew that), even after he got her cursed.
Now, she gave little more than a shudder before surrendering to his hands on her helm.

Whatever Jack had done, he was a bigger fool than Barbossa could ever have believed.
Title: Kiss and Tell
Fandom: Harry Potter
Character/Relationships: Lily/James, Sirius
Word Count: 625
Written: Drabble Tag over at the ff.n Harry Potter Challenge Forum for the prompt James/Lily, chase

James is totally one to kiss and tell. )
Title: That Ghost Just Isn't Holy Anymore
Fandom: Veronica Mars
Character/Relationships: Veronica, Lilly
Word Count: 100
Written for: [livejournal.com profile] drabble_las

Lilly still visited sometimes in order to deplore the state of Veronica’s relationships, with suggestions on who to fuck and how to fuck them, using graphic details that would have made the Veronica from when Lilly was alive blush.

This Veronica smiled brittlely, ignoring the advice, or told Lilly, “I miss you.”

She never asked, “Is this the real you?” though she worried the ghost and the girl didn’t match, that her memories of Lilly had been tinged by everything she had learned after, because Veronica feared never seeing any version of Lilly again more than seeing this imperfect version.
Title: Snowball Fight
Fandom: Harry Potter
Character/Relationships: Lily/James, Sirius
Word Count: 612
Written: [livejournal.com profile] comment_fic Harry Potter, Lily/James + Sirius + baby Harry, Predictably, Sirius threw the first snowball. Lily threw the second.

If you hit the baby, you will regret it. )
Title: We All Scream
Fandom: Harry Potter
Word Count: 200
Pairings: Sirius/Lily
Written for: ff.n's HP Fanfiction Challenges Forum Drabble Tag - Sirius/Lily; tongue

There was daub of ice cream on the tip of Lily's nose.

Sirius couldn't stop himself staring, though when Lily demanded, "What are you looking at?" he muttered something nondescript and turned his attention back to the parchments they were supposed to be studying. It was Order business--urgent--which demanded their immediate attention as Order business always did. He hadn't meant for her to cast the cone aside when he came in, hating as always that he'd had to interrupt her meager leisure time. Now Sirius tried to pay attention, but the bit of ice cream demanded his concentration as he tried to decide what flavour of ice cream could be on her nose. At first glance it appeared vanilla-white, but if Sirius looked close enough, he thought he could make out a blush of pink, making for dozens more possibilities.

At last he couldn't take it anymore. The mystery was driving him mad and there was only one sensible solution: turn into a dog and lick it off.

"Padfoot!" she squealed, holding up her hands in defence against further attacks.

Sirius let his tongue loll out in an approximation of a canine smile.

It was strawberry ice cream.
Title: Liar, Liar
Fandom: Harry Potter
Word Count: 100
Pairings: Bellatrix/Rodolphus
Written for: ff.n's HP Fanfiction Challenges Forum Drabble Tag - Bellatrix/Rodolphus; liar, liar


His wife screams almost as loud as the Aurors, she twists her wand to give the curse some extra power and they go hoarse, whimpers that can barely be heard over Bellatrix' desperate screeches.

"Where is the Dark Lord? Tell us!"

The Longbottoms started off protesting they didn't know. They might be still trying to convey those filthy lies that they are ignorant, they are innocent. Or maybe they have given in, finally ready to tell the truth. It's nothing but incoherency at this point.

Their mission has failed.

Rodolphus leans down closer to the woman.

"Cruciato," he whispers.
Title: Kisses at Midnight
Fandom: Harry Potter
Word Count: 100
Pairings: Sirius/Lily
Written for: ff.n's HP Fanfiction Challenges Forum Drabble Tag - Sirius/any, kisses at midnight

Sometimes she'll kiss him in the light of the day, in front of all their friends, in front of James. These kisses are chaste, friend-like, and it's his reaction--he's startled every time--that's more suspicious. Sirius lives in fear of the day something is finally said.

Most of the time they'll find each other an indeterminable time after midnight, those nights when dawn is a distant dream. When the war drags on. When the world becomes too much to bear.

Lily is his salvation those nights, her lips soft but her kisses heady and Sirius remembers why he fights.
Title: Nine Drabbles on the Quidditch World Cup
Fandom: Harry Potter
Word Count: 9 x 100
Characters/Pairings: Rabastan Lestrange, Marlene McKinnon, Sirius Black, Lily Evans/James Potter, Dorcas Meadowes, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, Caradoc Dearborn, Gideon Prewitt, Fabian Prewitt, Mairead Bones/Edgar Bones (plus children), Alice Longbottom/Frank Longbottom
Written for: [profile] first_order's Reader's Challenge with the prompt by [personal profile] lar_laughs: a collection of characters talk about the upcoming Quidditch World Cup.

Marlene McKinnon )

Sirius Black )

Lily Evans )

Dorcas Meadowes )

Remus Lupin )

Caradoc Dearborn )

Gideon and Fabian Prewitt )

Edgar Bones )

Alice Longbottom )
Title: Early to Bed
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Lily/James/Sirius
Word Count: 100
Written for: [community profile] shareandsharealike's Three Week's for Dreamwidth Fic-a-thon, prompt 5: Nobody ever makes big enough beds (or showers)

Sleeping nestled between Sirius and James, cocooned by their bodies, made Lily feel safe in ways she hadn’t since the war began. During waking hours, however, the bed was simply too small.

At first, when even kisses were tentative, the bed’s size wasn’t too intolerable, but as the weeks wore on and all three became bolder in their confidence, the number of misplaced elbows or the times bracing hands met air instead of mattress became unbearable.

Tonight was different. Smug grins explained their part in the bed that’s only bigger when they’re on it.

Lily did love her clever boys.