Over at [community profile] blackpearlsails there's a poetry challenge instead of the usual drabble challenge. Here is my contribution: three clerihews

Young Elizabeth Swann
Was drawn
To swashbuckling tales alone - she shied from the real thing
A little embarrassing for the future pirate king

Captain Jack Sparrow
Tricked many a foe
With dizzying wordplay and odd offers of tea
All on his quest for immortality

Poor Will Turner
Would much prefer
To craft fine swords rather than the battle plan
That resulted in him becoming captain of the Flying Dutchman
Title: Happy the Woman
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Lily/James/Sirius
Word Count: 318
Written for: Schermionie's Poetry Prompt at the Fanfic Challenge Forum over at ff.n. Inspired by John Dryden's version of Horace's Odes 3.29

Sometimes, Lily thought herself mad to fall in love as she had. )
Title: Checking it Twice
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Character: Jack
Word Count: 881
Written for: [community profile] blackpearlsails - not a particular challenge, but just for them in general.

Jack went through his list again, but it was just as he suspected: there was still one name he hadn't bought a gift for. )
Title: Fledgling
Fandom: Dark Angel
Pairing: Normal/Alec
Word Count: 700
Written for: [livejournal.com profile] da_halloween, prompt 27: Normal grows wings, despite his annoyance at the fact.

Normal had nothing to do with the mutie bastards overrunning his city, even if he did now have giant wings growing out of his back. )
Title: Those Who Defy
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Alice/Frank
Word Count: 200
Written for: [profile] first_order's Speed Drabble Weekend, prompt loud and defiant

Frank was the one who told her about the prophecy.

He had to meet Dumbledore alone since Alice had been stuck all day with a group of expectant mothers, teaching an Auror-sponsored workshop on how to protect themselves and their families from a Death Eater attack. It was pointless and it was useless, but the workshops seemed to be all the Ministry would assign her ever since they found out she was pregnant.

“Voldemort’s going after our baby?” she asked when Frank’s words sunk in. “No, wait—”

Her husband nodded sombrely. She had thought someone had died when she first arrived home and saw his face. “It might be Lily and James. They defied him three times as well. Dumbledore doesn’t know.”

For a brief moment, Alice allowed herself to wonder if it was worth it, whether what they did was worth the price they paid.

That moment passed and Alice pushed those doubts away. She smiled at Frank. It was shaky and there was no humour behind it, but her husband would appreciate it all the same.

“Then let’s hunt down that bastard. Even if we can’t—even if—at the very least, let’s make it four times.”
Title: Red
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Lily/James
Word Count: 200
Written for: [profile] first_order's Speed Drabble Weekend, prompt my face is red

Lily Potter was embarrassed beyond belief. She could feel her face grow hot when the others finally came into the room and saw the humiliating tableau she presented.

Picking herself up off the floor, she tried to walk through them to the door with as much dignity and grace as she could muster, but her legs wobbled and she slipped once again.

James caught her, holding her tight, but even he was too mortified to look her in the eyes, staring off over her shoulder instead.

“Lily, Lily,” he cried into her ear, “what are you doing?”

Lily didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, so she did both.

“I’m so embarrassed,” she said, trying to control herself, “I don’t know what everyone must think of me.”

“Lily,” James said again. He cupped her face, lightly trailing two fingers over her cheekbone. Her blush rubbed off on them.

She stared at his fingers, touched them hesitantly. They were wet and sticky, the colour and consistency of blood. Touching her face, she found more of it there. Her face was covered in blood.

“Lily,” James was saying, “what happened? Please, please, tell me what happened.”

Lily couldn’t answer. She didn’t know.
Title: Prayer for the Fallen
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Sirius, James, Peter, Remus
Word Count: 100
Written for: [profile] first_order's Speed Drabble Weekend, prompt a prayer for the fallen

They couldn’t often get away. The preparations involved in going to the pub, making sure they were reachable by the right people and untraceable by the rest, were a far cry from the spontaneity with which they used to bunk off to the Three Broomsticks. But tonight they made the effort.

It was Sirius’ turn to stand the round, according to Peter who kept track of these things. Once they had their drinks, Remus called for silence, although it was James who spoke.

He kept it simple. “To Clement Thwaite.”

They repeated the toast, drinking to the fallen Order member.
Title: Precautions
Fandom: Harry Potter
Character: Alice Longbottom
Word Count: 100
Written for: [profile] first_order's Speed Drabble Weekend, prompt turn the lights out

All members of the Order of the Phoenix had a set of precautions they followed in case of attack.

When the baby came, she modified hers to make sure he’d keep safe. Reinforce the special shields around his nursery, twice a day. Cast an Imperturbable Charm so he wouldn’t wake, so they couldn’t hear him. Turn the lights out and pretend he wasn’t there. Hide him away so no Death Eaters could ever get close. Keep her wand by her side at all times. Be alert. Be ready.

The war was over. Alice Longbottom wasn’t supposed to need these anymore.
Title: Mama
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: Doctor, Donna
Word Count: 250
Written for: [community profile] doctor_donna's baby drabble challenge

“Oh, aren’t you beautiful!”

The Doctor whipped out his glasses to take a better look at the waist-height creature. ‘Beautiful’ wasn’t the word Donna would use to describe the puce lumpy, mucus-covered alien, but that wasn’t why she hung back.

“Doctor,” she said, “isn’t that an uzumara?”

“Umuzaru,” he corrected automatically.

“Yeah,” said Donna impatiently, “but didn’t you say to stay away from them?”

He had, in fact, gone on at length about the natives of Eheb 9 who found humans—and Time Lords—a particularly tasty treat.

“She’s just a baby,” said the Doctor, disapprovingly. “Look, her teeth haven’t even grown in.” He dangled his fingers entirely too close to the gaping maw for Donna’s comfort, pointing out the unbroken gums.

Donna wasn’t going to be deterred. “Yes, but what about mama umuzaru?”

The Doctor froze. In the absence of his cooing, they became uncomfortably aware of a frantic, far away noise that was rapidly growing louder.

Donna was never as good as the Doctor at identifying sounds, always confusing the distressed beeping of the TARDIS in need of emergency repairs for the distressed beeping of the TARDIS in need of eventual repairs no matter how often she heard either, but was willing to bet she could identify this particular noise: a mother uzumaru crashing through the trees, desperately trying to find and protect her precious baby.

They both knew what came next. Donna was never really sure who said it first, but that didn’t matter.


They did.
Not a songfic, I just suck at naming things, so I stole some unrelated lyrics.

Title: Wake me when September ends
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: McGonagall, MWPP
Word Count: 766
Written for: [profile] mariana_oconnor's prompt at [community profile] comment_fic, Marauders & Professor McGonagall, the first time they are sent to McGonagall's office

Minerva was starting to suspect that Potter and Black were two naturally-born troublemakers. )
Title: Never
Fandom: Dark Angel
Pairing: Max/Alec
Word Count: 267
Written for: [community profile] comment_fic, [profile] death_of_dreams's prompt, Max/Alec, She never thinks about Alec during heat

Adult: Max never thinks about Alec during heat. )
Title: How it Goes
Fandom: Dark Angel
Character/Relationships: Alec
Word Count: 336
Written for: [livejournal.com profile] comment_fic Dark Angel, Alec/anyone “everybody knows the war is over; everyone knows the good guys lost” (Leonard Cohen)

He’s done this before.

The first twenty years of his life were spent in this position and the brief respite he had from it, living almost as his own man, weren’t enough to make him forget.

He knows how to follow orders. He can kill without remorse. He can menace even the most innocent and naïve without a second thought. He can disappear into the night before anyone else knows something occurred. He can infiltrate even the most paranoid of groups. He presents himself as the further thing from a threat they can imagine, breathing harmlessness, and in doing so becomes so.

He has always done that.

There are a hundred different things he can do to ingratiate without seeming to and he knows the right balance between being invaluable and being noticed.

He knows whom they expect him to be, what they think he should be, and he makes sure he is that creature.

Some of his masters call him freak and mean it. He knows which of them will come regardless, sometimes even before they do. He still remembers how to use his hands, his mouth, to suck, to stroke, to swallow. He knows how to enjoy sex.

He always enjoys the sex.

They don’t tell him the news from world at large, but he still knows what is going on. It doesn’t take much to piece together from what whispers he can overhear (his hearing is always better than humans remember, even the ones who should know better, but he never lets on).

Transgenics are resisting.

Transgenics are being culled.

He knows they are waiting for him to slip up. They measure his every word for signs of betrayal. If they could, they would break open his mind and spy on his every thought. It’s unnecessary, though. There are some thoughts that are too dangerous, some words that shouldn’t even form in the dark recesses of his mind.




These thoughts, he knows better than to even think. So he doesn’t.
You know how I was talking about writing 10 War Songs earlier this week (actually, I talked about 15 War Songs, but that was before I realized how badly I failed at math). Well, instead of thinking about something sensible, like a story which has already been started and needs to be finished, I spent my half hour wandering around before work this morning thinking of something for that. Except it turned waaaaaay too shippy for that, so I'm posting it here and now instead.

Title: Spark
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Sirius/Lily (with offscreen Lily/James)
Word Count: 731
Written for: Nothing? Could it be that I have had an original thought in my mind? How long has that been?

They are not winning the war. )
Title: Tear us Apart
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Pairing: Will/Elizabeth
Word Count: 336
Written for: [personal profile] onceuponapillow over at [community profile] comment_fic for the prompt Will/Elizabeth, Nothings gonna tear us apart

Ten years is worth the wait. )
Title: Little Things
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Characters/Pairings: Barbossa, Black Pearl (with offscreen Pearl/Jack)
Word Count: 500
Written for: ... probably something over at BPS. I found it today on my hard drive. It was completely finished. And titled. And everything. But I can find no record of me posting it.

It was all little things at first, symptoms and situations that he couldn't put together but that continued to grate at the back of his head, like the Pearl's laughter )
Title: She Danced on
Fandom: Labyrinth
Characters: Sarah, Jareth
Word Count: 608
Written for: [personal profile] voksen's prompt on "lj user="comment_fic", Jareth/Sarah, if she stayed

She stayed with the king in his labyrinth and it was better than she ever dreamed. )
Title: No Time to Hesitate
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Character: Davy Jones1
Word Count: 150
Written for: [profile] potc100 - Second Thoughts

It filled him with something akin to physical pain, the sight of the dead floating aimlessly across the sea, unable to complete their journey without his help.

But that was wrong. He had finished with pain, physical or otherwise, when he’d taken a knife to his chest and cut out his heart. It had made him weak and Davy Jones was finished with being weak.

Around him, the dead cried out; for the briefest second, he listened.

“Help me.”

“We’re lost.”

“I beg you.”


Davy Jones turned his back, steeling himself against their pleas. He could ill afford to hesitate now, his revenge only half complete.

Calypso would hurt when she saw the consequences of her betrayal, knowing she had only herself to blame for the souls’ plight. She would grow careless, leading her right into his ultimate trap.

The bitch would finally know what it was to suffer.
Title: The Name of Love
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Lily/James
Word Count: 1100
Written for: [community profile] comment_fic prompt by [profile] moon_destiny, Lily/James - love has a name

Lily quite casually broke James' heart one morning whilst sitting at the breakfast table )